7. Nai Harvest- Whatever



Nai Harvest- Whatever

There’s not a lot left I can say about emo music. I love it and it is that simple. Living vicariously through the exaggerated emotion that is emo music is just something I have fallen head over heels for and hearing a true scream of anguish just gets my blood flowing. Nai Harvest just happens to be the band I was listening to when I was at the height of my love this year so I was able to connect with Whatever that much easier. Its not like there is not absolutely astounding things about this album, from the way Ben Thompson uses his blood curdling scream to attack his angsty lyrics or the way the music has the perfect amount of math rock influences to it that make it sound that much more intricate. This is just that one album of the year for me that I simply cant really put into words why I love it so much. I think there is quite a bit of pride associated with this album because I found it on my own just mining band camp, but in the end, this album simply came to me at the most appropriate time and it has stuck with me ever since I heard the opening notes of the album.


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