6. Run The Jewels- RTJ2



Run The Jewels- RTJ2

The first thing I have to say about this album is that I am so unbelievably thankful it came out when it did and the fact that Killer Mike and El-P are the guys they are. This is the rap super group that the genre has needed, and Run The Jewels is making the content that can both reach the masses and the hipsters and get out a message of political awareness that has been kind of lacking lately. The words that Killer Mike had around the murders in Ferguson were powerful from the platform he has, but even more powerful because of the emotion he poured from his soul surrounding the whole issue. Seeing his real tears the night the lack of indictment was released for the murderer of Michael Brown gave me goose bumps. His anger and sadness were so tangible in that instant I felt like I was hit with a brick to the stomach and ever since I was given that window into how he truly feels I have felt a new connection to this album. I realize both Mike and El-P are fun loving guys that like a good time, but hearing their socially potent lyrics and watching Mike go on live TV to stand by this views made this so much more than just their music. I didn’t truly understand what had been released until I saw Mike speak at that show in St. Louis but ever since then my appreciation for what they are doing has known no bounds.


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