50. Rodrigo y Gabriela – 9 Dead Alive


Rodrigo y Gabriela- 9 Dead Alive

Instrumental guitar really doesn’t get much better than this duo, especially in the mainstream music listening communities. Not that Rodrigo y Gabriela are getting played on the radio every day, but they are easily one of the only recognizable instrumental groups the average person may know. They have a very easy equation for gaining and maintaining that success, and that is just play the guitar really, really fast. It’s exciting to hear guitar work fast enough that imagining Jimi Hendrix attempting it is almost a stretch. By definition they are flamenco guitarists but are known to explore metal and rock in their quest to make the fastest guitar music around. Anyone can listen for only a few seconds and understand the true skill the duo possess and if one were to listen just a few more seconds the power of their guitar work can capture anyone into tapping their foot along with an incessant urge to get up and dance. Dancing and music have gone hand in hand for as longs as music as been around and 9 Dead Alive is just honoring that tradition, one quickly strummed guitar note at a time.


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