5. Steve Gunn- Way Our Weather



Steve Gunn- Way Out Weather

I did not have any idea I would have this album on my list let alone in the top five, but Steve Gunn released a true masterpiece with Way Out Weather and finding the right words to describe the true beauty of what he created are becoming harder and harder for me the more I listen to it. It is peaceful, gentle, melodic and above all intricate guitar work that just ebbs and flows in a way that is, in a word, hypnotic. I can listen to this album over and over again and never tire of the soft chords that echo effortlessly from the speakers. The improvisation is genius and quiet all at the same time and just takes control of my mind. I would use this album in times of great need when it came to studying and it was crazy to me how easy I could focus with the melodious notes inundating my ears. I never have really heard an album like this, so guitar driven yet nothing like the normal rock or jazz guitar that I have heard before. To top it off, Gunn has a voice that is just as drifting and tender as the music he creates and the addition of more vocals on this album as opposed to his last adds another layer of depth to everything he is doing. This is the most relaxed yet sophisticated album of the year and it will always be able to enthrall me.


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