49. Moon Hooch – This Is Cave Music


Moon Hooch- This Is Cave Music

The idea of three saxophone players meeting in the New York subway, forming a super group of dance music played by solely saxophones and then finding their way onto an NPR First Listen is about as good a story as there is. It’s a well-known fact true talent does exist wherever street musicians congregate and Moon Hooch is here to prove that anything can happen if the right person hears you. Their combination of rock beats and breakdowns with a very jazz-punk feel to their sax playing helped make the group into something anyone can find a reason to dance to. This Is Cave Music is round two for this group and they have gone deeper into their sound, incorporating some vocals for the first time and a more varied approach as the bass of each song. The main draw of the group is obviously still there and the saxophones lead all charges for every song, but as the band grows within themselves and as a public entity, they have grown experimental which has only added to the experience of these sax players just trying their hand at dance music with their own individual flare.


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