48. Ex Hex – Rips


Ex Hex- Rips

There always has to be some sort of punk anthem of the year, something that gives credit to all predecessors and essentially thanks the Ramones, The Sex Pistols and anyone else who moved the genre of punk in the right direction. A theme I have noticed that has been reappearing in music is an almost obsession with revivalism. Whether it’s a throw back to shoe gaze, punk, rock n roll or old school rap, music is always good at honoring its roots. Personally I am usually not offended or even slightly bothered by an artist that can recreate a sound of the past well. I know that many people in the musical community wish for new and improved sound always, but I am under the impression that a lil throwback isn’t always bad. Ex Hex is nothing else but a throw back to early punk, with one little twist. The band is made up of entirely woman, proof of how far our musical community has come. When punk first started all women punk bands were not nearly as common as they are now and it is awesome to see the segregation in music slowly eroding away. Ex Hex is fronting that attack on segregation while also making music that simply is just fun and easy to listen to. Whether if this has all been done before or not, I honor them for doing it in 2014.


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