47. FKA Twigs – LP1



FKA Twigs- LP1

The production style of Arca has reached a level of familiarity with music fans that at this point, people probably don’t even know they are listening to him when they hear his jolting, signatory trap influenced style. FKA Twigs is a talented singer, talented persona but would be next to nothing if Arca was not behind her, holding up her beautiful voice with his distinctive way he weaves different sounds and beats together into a web of trap infused electronic paced music. This year, FKA Twigs is seen as one of the biggest and brightest breakout stars to shine through Pitchfork’s coverage of this year, but along the way sometimes Arca is forgotten for the part he played in creating her fame. The hauntingly beautiful way her voice interacts with the imposing trap and electronic beat selection is unique and pioneering the way for a new wave of electronic music, but would not be possible if Arca had not come along. On the same note, Tahliah Barnett truly does have a way with her voice that is part sweltering in its emotion but also so airy that it is almost above anything else, as if better than anything else someone would hear this year. It is quite the combo and the reason for the hype is quite well founded.


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