44. Murmur – Murmur


Murmur- Murmur

Towards the end of this year, I had realized my metal intake had been severely lacking and that I really had heard little of the grand genre that had been released this year. There was one record however that I had heard and returned to a couple of times due to the accessibility yet harshness of the record. Murmur had a lot of more “artsy” moments than a normal metal album, from the melodic guitar, some vocals that were in fact sang not screamed and just a whole vibe that could be in some eyes seen as gentler. Due to all of these factors I was able to slowly warm up to it rather than if I had just flung myself head first into some of the more harsher albums of 2014. After listening a couple times though, I did finally begin to have the craving of more metal and went a little deeper because at the same time there were many moments on this album that reminded me that I really did miss out on metal, from the quick paced drums, heavy guitar moments and thunderous lyrics. It was a great middle ground and helped bridge me over to some of the harsher records I did try this year.


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