43. Sorority Noise – Forgettable


Sorority Noise- Forgettable

Emo revival had a special place in my heart this year and Sorority Noise was one of my favorite bandcamp finds of the year. They have all the classic needs of a good emo album, but what stood out to me were the incredibly angsty lyrics. It was angsty almost to the point that I sometimes laughed instead of feeling any kind of sadness or true emotion, but that was never a bad thing in my opinion. At times they could have been trolling the genre but at others the raw emotion that came from both the lyrics and the way lead singer Cameron Boucher would scream his voice hoarse on some of the choruses was the most potent thing I heard all year. The balance made everything seem more real. Some emo revival sometimes is so serious in the content of the lyrics that it is at times hard to connect with anything that is being said. Sorority Noise on the other hand spelled everything out just like it had happened to them and probably happened to 90% of the teenage population of America. Theme wise there was nothing complicated, just pure emotion. Sometimes emotion is so cheesy it should be laughed at, but in the moment, it can feel like the end of the world. Forgettable just captures how real the feelings of angst can be without sugar coating anything. “I’m so scared of dying alone, I’ll kill myself right here, right now,” is so extreme and such an exaggeration that at first listen it is comical. Listen one more time though and I think most people that have ever felt any true heart break have thought dumb things like that to help make themselves feel better. Anger and sadness is ridiculous and makes people think and say crazy things so the way I see Forgettable is not some overblown angsty emo attempt at music, but as the most accurate depiction of heartache I have ever heard in music. Not to mention the line “all you’ll ever be is a nightmare and a wet dream” is just so perfect, no matter how the rest of the album had been I would have had a special place in my heart for Sorority Noise.


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