42. Spoon – They Want My Soul


Spoon- They Want My Soul

If you want to talk about a band that embodies the idea of consistency in music from this current generation, Spoon would fit the definition to the letter. Having released 8 albums since 1996, they have not once fallen off, changed too much or got caught up in the idea of an ever consuming problem of trying to create popularity in this Internet age. They Want My Soul sticks to the band’s roots just like their last album and the album before and really the album before that, by allowing Brit Daniel to melodically sing his soul out over the most stereotypical indie rock being put out right now. The songs are guitar driven, vocally centered and easy to sing along too. The album is both fierce and mellow and above all very based in both rock n roll roots and today’s more modern sound with a production style clearly based in the 2010’s. To put a cherry on top, seeing these songs performed live adds an extra element of rock n roll as the band plugs in their amps a little louder and rocks out because of the easy parameters set up by their tracks. As static as they seem, there really does seem to be something different about this album as there always is with each and every Spoon album. There is a certain amount of what seems like growth, but always in the right direction but it’s always so hard to pinpoint. Spoon has just crafted a sound that is theirs and theirs alone and with each album just a little bit more is built, whether it is a new guitar sound, faster paced songs or simply a slight twinge on Daniel’s voice. Maybe my Spoon bias is stronger than I thought but I honestly believe Spoon could never release a bad album. There is a quiet confidence the band exudes, powerful in their musical ability and their gift for making tracks that are just easy enough on the ears that anyone can listen, but not everyone can connect with due to the hidden and elusive power of the songs. Spoon is the most over rated but at the same time under rated band of this generation.


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