41. Big KRIT – Cadillactica


Big K.R.I.T.- Cadillactica

Big K.R.I.T. has always been the kind of guy to only do what he wants to do. He releases music at pace only really matched by Lil B and he cares not at all that most of his material are mixtapes and unavailable for him to make any money off of. So when he decided to drop his second actual album, a release that would actually have to obey copyright laws when it came to sampling, it was anticipated that he was in for quite the shock as he tried to continue his production that revolved around show casing his rapping ability over any kind of beat imaginable, whether he wrote them or not. In fact, Big K.R.I.T. showed extraordinary growth with this album, showing he did not need samples to show how talented and passionate he is. The sounds on this album still embody that southern rap feel he has made his own in the past couple of years, with the big bass, synth sounds and easy to learn choruses. This time though, he has to show off his intricate rhyming ability without the power of samples holding him up and he does spectacularly. He can turn any phrase into what sounds like a complicated rhyme with the way he speeds up and slows down. His flow has always been an important skill of his and it was refreshing to hear it at the forefront of this album. Above all, Big K.R.I.T. loves his life, loves the fact he can make a living from rapping and loves his fans and all of that shines through perfectly on this album. He has come a long way since his first mixtape years ago.


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