40. ZelooperZ – HELP


ZelooperZ- HELP

I don’t really know where to begin with this album. My first introduction to him was at a Danny Brown show while he was wearing a trench coat, had werid contacts in and stood about 6’6 on stage. ZelooperZ is wacky, he’s creepy, he’s funny and above all he is the kind of personality that is needed in rap to keep pushing the boundaries and norms that the genre sometimes becomes stagnated in. His beats are bizarre and zany and the way Walter Williams aka ZeelooperZ can get his voice to sound the way he does is almost half the reason he is who he is. His nasally screeches mixed with the minimalist beats are fairly unorthodox but fit well with the aggressive and overtly sexual lyrics he growls out. Weirdness is kind of his go to aspect and it is pretty apparent why Danny Brown took him under his wing. Weird vocal sounds, vulgar lyrics and wacky beats are their similarities but ZelooperZ truly is pushing the boundaries on all of those to make himself into his own creation ready to keep making sure rap stays relevant and expanding. In this day and age of the Internet, making sure a rapper has a genuine uniqueness is important and ZelooperZ certainty covered all his bases there.


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