4. Mac Demarco – Salad Days



Mac Demarco- Salad Days

I think the main difference between Mac Demarco and Real Estate is the hilarious personality that Mac owns and exudes all over his music. Both use a very nonchalant guitar style that floats along at what seems to be whichever pace it feels like moving at but where Real Estate are the ultimate chill masters who seem like the ultra relaxed, Mac has his funny, prankster side that can over shadow his chill music. I just thought that Salad Days was the most fun album of the year, from the whole feel to the way Mac conducted himself this year. He pulls pranks, shows his balls in music videos and just really lives life with as little care as possible. Its as if he is constantly listening to Real Estate and embodying what they stand for during every aspect of his life. So the only reason Mac falls short of Real Estate is that I must give the nod to the band that started this kind of music and who I think must be Mac’s greatest influence. If I could live my life to even half the extent that Mac Demarco does I think I would be doing all right.


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