39. Caribou – Our Love


Caribou- Our Love

Dance music is a fickle beast. With everything from EDM to trance to whatever they tried to make me listen to at Fiestas last year, I have always been wary of anything that falls under this ambiguous and frankly over rated genre. Then I listened to Our Love and realized that there is a part of this genre of music that exists in a way that is not only accessible for the masses but also technical, intricate and above all tastefully enjoyable to listen to. There are beautiful climaxes of sound, with build-ups that would make any DJ proud and that also end up making the pinnacles of each song that much more potent. Dan Snaith is a master at mixing pop sounds, dance beats and delicate vocals into the perfect music not only for a dance party but for any time someone wants to chill on the slightly aggressive side. Our Love is a wonderful accumulation of so many popular genres today that finding someone that can’t at least tap their foot to the elaborate beats is a hard thing to do. Music is all about growing and expanding sounds, genres and above all ideas and Caribou did a commendable job in the direction of pioneering dance music with his 2014 release.


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