38. Black Lips – Underneath the Rainbow


Black Lips- Underneath the Rainbow

My first ever impression of Black Lips was that they liked to piss in each other’s mouths at live shows. Obviously I was intrigued enough to listen to what they had to say, and their initially tough, punk sound fit with the antics they were accused of doing. Now having watched their progression from a post punk band, full of energy and mischievousness to a more gentle yet still rock influenced type of punk that showed off a calmer side that most probably didn’t think they had, I appreciate the Black Lips a lot more then I ever thought I would. Above all, they kept their fun demeanor and even though they weren’t creating a stereotypical punk sound, they continued to make a fast paced rock that still gets the people going. “Dorner Party,” probably my favorite song on the album does an excellent job of combining their roots of attacking punk music, but while remembering how far they have come and using more acoustic guitar, folk drum beats and just a tad more peaceful energy. There is absolutely no denying their songs still have relevance and they embody good ol’ rock n roll and to not honor their development and growth is an insult to this band and album. Not to mention, even if they aren’t pissing in each other’s mouths any more, they still can make the blood boil with their incredibly accessible and fun choruses that find their way onto almost every song on this album.


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