37. Iceage – Plowing Into The Field Of Love


Iceage- Plowing Into The Field Of Love

This album was such a fresh take on so many genres, but most of all, genres that were nothing like what Iceage had become famous for playing. Starting out as essentially a hard core/ punk band from Denmark, the band’s first couple of albums were harsh, grungy and above all loud. Plowing Into The Field Of Love kept the grunge but tuned down the aggressiveness quite a bit to an almost mucky version of rockabilly mixed with a gentle punk sound. The rough voice of Elias Bender Rønnenfelt can finally be understood and it is finally realized he isn’t speaking Dutch at all. There is a faint musky sense to the album, what with the now almost audible vocals, the grimy rock feel and the dusting off the new genres that Iceage has started employing really makes for a throw back of an album straight to the future. With the now more distinct vocals, the emotion in Rønnenfelt’s voice is a little easier to ascertain simply because as Iceage has turned down the volume, the scratchiness that embodied their vocals is gone and I understand enough words to realize there is some serious angst in some of these songs that was not apparent before. That change alone made this album a beautiful growth from where the band was even two years ago and it has all been for the better. Now listeners and myself included can connect easier with the band the more the lyrics become understandable.


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