34. Kelis- Food


Kelis- Food

R&B, soul and any music in that vein sometimes seems to get forgotten in the rush to find the next unique, boundary-leaping album. Sometimes going back to the roots of music are enough to create a masterpiece even in this society obsessed with moving on to bigger and better things. Kelis has successfully created such an album full of R&B roots but also mixed with a fusion of funk, pop and electronic elements. With her sultry voice gently caressing over each song, there is just enough reminiscing power together with a nice blend of old and electronic sounds to prove just how important musical roots are, but also that a sense of newness is never unfounded. To top that all off, “Rumble” is quite possibly the brightest surprise song of the year and the fact it landed on this album just brings the entirety of the work up to another level. The NFL has used the incredibly catchy and simple piano riff from this song as their theme all year and it was like a holy grail of sorts as I attempted to try and find out the artist responsible for such a dynamic riff. When I was re listening to this album towards the end of the year and that unmistakable piano trickled through my headphones towards the end of the album, I immediately stopped everything I was doing to focus on what possibly is the catchiest song of the year. Knowing Kelis is capable of writing such a song while also putting out an album full of just as soulful songs really was an excellent introduction to an artist who has just released their 6th studio album and really was only known for her pop hit, “Milkshakes.” Slowly but surely she is working her way away from the notoriety of that song, and with work like Food, that job of separating herself from that single track is getting easier.


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