33. tUnE – yArDs – Nikki Nack


tUnE- yArDs- Nikki Nack

Merrill Garbus and tUnE- yArDs partner Nate Brenner have truly created something unique with both their group and Nikki Nack. There are very few albums or artists in existence right now that can be described as freak folk with a touch of Afro pop and experimental pop thrown into the mix. The music they are creating is fun, catchy, danceable and above all different, and it is refreshing to hear such fun loving music combining all of these genres in a way that is so accessible because truly, this is the most accessible afro/experimental/ dance/pop album that was released this year or in a long time really. There is a very “indie” rock production style to it all, and the tracks are short enough and catchy enough that there is a lot of potential for an average listener who may not otherwise be interested to become enamored in Garbus’ distinct drawl as she delicately slides around the quick paced music she is making. The fact the experimental part of Nikki Nack is more in the production and less in the form or length of the songs truly allows it to be something more listeners will have an interest in and is a victory for Garbus and tUnE- yArDs.


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