31. Tiny Moving Parts – Pleasant Living


Tiny Moving Parts- Pleasant Living

Emo revival was a constant theme for me this year. I dove deep into the genre during the summer and explored most of the highest rated bandcamp releases of bands all across the U.S. Any band that had a tag of emo I listened to at least one song it felt like and I heard a lot of bands that sounded the same. Tiny Moving Parts came onto my radar from their tour with TWIABPAIANLATD so obviously they would be worth me checking out. What I liked about Tiny Moving Parts and Pleasant Living was the maturity the band had that a lot of other emo bands sometimes lack. Their lyrics were not as obvious as others nor were they as emotional. They had the perfect amount of angst and I think the line that best embodies that has to be from “Sundress,” the opener of the album; “The irony of dehydrating along the sea.” On top of that, the musicality of the band was way above most of the other emo bands I came across and the math rock like guitar they employed was a welcome addition to their passionate singing. The musicianship and semi angsty lyrics together put them above most of the emo bands I heard this year and the hope I would see them live with my other favorite emo bands thrust them to the top of the genre.


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