30. Milo – A Toothpaste Suburb


Milo- A Toothpaste Suburb

The stereotypical image of a rapper usually does not involve words like “nerdy” or “artsy” but Milo has almost singlehandedly changed perceptions like that. He has better flow than most rappers, more intricate rhymes and much deeper lyrics than almost anyone in the game yet he doesn’t really fit society’s image of a rapper. Maybe that is what makes him so much fun to listen to, the fact that he is challenging stereotypes one Harry Potter reference at a time. That’s part of it, but I think his ability to touch on such emotional issues while staying calm and sincere at the same time really make it appealing to listen to his views on life. He touches on things that sometimes get buried in other rap, like a brothers death and how to deal with ideas of whether to believe in God or not all while bringing things back to reality with multiple video game references. Milo is a young adult, so it is appealing to hear his opinions and views on life simply because his experiences are so young themselves. By mixing his experiences with soft, succinct rhymes and beats that are one part chip tune one part electronic water droplets, Milo is giving a new face to rap whether he is trying to or not.


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