3. Real Estate- Atlas


Real Estate- Atlas

Asking for more than an average sound in music is most of the time something I strive to do. I know I do not delve as deep into experimental music or bands that truly shake things up with their musical styles as I should, but for the bands I do frequent I try and find bands that push boundaries just a bit. I frankly can not say that Real Estate pushed many boundaries with their album Atlas, but it mattered so little to me that I wound up listening to this album probably 10-15 times this year and just finding a simple enjoyment in their chill yet potent airy guitar work. I think the two words I would use to describe them as a band and Atlas itself is perfect simplicity. They have a formula of light guitar work creating a buoyant sound that casually caresses along. There is not a lot there, but what is just works so well. I know their sound is reminiscent of plenty of 60’s bands but I see Real Estate as my own. Whether their sound has been done before or not, I sometimes enjoy being able to relax and know there are bands like Real Estate to turn to.


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