28. Raz Simone – Cognitive Dissonance


Raz Simone- Cognitive Dissonance

This had to be the most stoic, emotional and powerful rap album I heard this year. Raz Simone has a deep, fervent voice that makes anything and everything he says feel like it is the most important thing said in the world. He is calm and poised yet the hidden anger that abounds in his soul is close to bubbling to the surface on most songs. Sampling the famous quote from Kanye West about classism on “Natural Resources” sets Raz up for a highly politicized and passionate track that allows him to blast the American system that is in place for minorities. It takes a special kind of person to not only be mad about what is going on in America when it comes to white privilege, but to actually speak out against it and attempt to bring recognition to the issues at hand. Raz Simone is this person. He understands the problems of this country and does his best to put his anger into words in an accessible manner such as a rap album. He speaks and raps from the heart and it doesn’t hurt he can make his voice become as impassioned as he is.


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