26. Adult Jazz- Gist Is


Adult Jazz- Gist Is

Adult Jazz was this year’s Jamaican Queens for me. By that I simply mean an essentially pop band that came out of nowhere with a debut that fundamentally rocked a genre that does not have a lot more room to progress or change. There were definitely bits and pieces of what could only be considered as “experimental” for a pop record on the album, from the use of auto tune, change in time signatures and use of horns but truly, this is just a very different look on the genre of pop. Adult Jazz took a couple listens for me to really be sure I appreciated fully what they were doing, but what really made me realize how great their album was had to be when I had three separate people approach me about the band and tell me I had to check them out. Repeatedly I told them I had already tried it on NPR First Listen but would return to it again and every time I did, I heard a little something new or realized how actually memorable the album was. It had stuck with me a lot better than I ever had anticipated and after my third or fourth listen, the “experimental” pop band finally registered and I couldn’t stop for the rest of the year.


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