24. Sun Kil Moon – Benji


Sun Kil Moon- Benji

Lyrics are such a heavy part of what is modern, popular music today. From ideas of love and heartache, to drugs, money and sex, people seem to try and live vicariously through music and especially through music with lyrics. There is of course an opposite side to all of this, which is what Mark Kozelek has become famous for personifying. He sings about death, about loss and about anything bad you can imagine, like an aunt dying in a house fire. And he does it in about as frank and personable way as anyone could. Benji is deep and emotional but above all it is so realistic that those feelings Kozelek is trying to personify truly find a way to drift away and become as real as life from the mellow, acoustic guitar chords that accompany all of his songs. Honestly, the material and way he dissects what he is saying is so powerful it reaches the level of emotion that can only be heard in the right mood. I cannot listen to Benji just any old day. I can’t even think of throwing it on without some previous emotion I need help digesting myself. That’s how powerful his words are, and I can’t think of an album in recent memory that evokes such potent feelings.


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