23. Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss It All


Modern Baseball- You’re Gonna Miss It All

Brendan Lukens may have the perfect voice for emo music and the perfect attitude to put it to use. Call it what you will, pop punk, emo revival or just simple angsty rock, Modern Baseball makes some of the most accessible music and probably my favorite sing along album of the year. Any time I can scream along the words, “Bullshit you fucking missed me” while listening to music is a win and to hear an entire album dedicated to material just as immature yet potent is the perfect formula to make me break out in song. I don’t think I can say it enough, but I am a sucker for emo music and there was just something about the pain yet playful arrogance in Lukens’ voice that spoke to me. The most important thing about an emo band is the singer and Modern Baseball receives full marks in that category. I found it not only easy to connect but enjoyable to share the angsty pain Lukens felt and if a band can reach me on that kind of emotional level then they have done their job and have done it well. Music can be a way to share experiences and lessons learned and I think Modern Baseball understands this better than a lot of artists out there.


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