21. The Hotelier – Home, Like Noplace There Is


The Hotelier- Home, Like Noplace Is There

Initially this album was something I immediately liked and appreciated but it was for all the wrong reasons. At the beginning of the year this was everyone’s edgy find and I was loathe to not appreciate it as much as everyone did. Emo was my genre and I would not be outdone. So I returned about once a month, each time trying again and again to find what was so special about this record but kept getting stymied by the lack of truly catchy choruses or initially emotional vibes. Then, around November I finally did was I should have done all along and that was to sit down and listen to the album while reading the lyrics, line by line as they were sung into my headphones. I hadn’t really done that with an album from 2014, but doing it with Home, Like Noplace Is There opened my eyes to how truly emotionally intelligent the band is. By that I simply mean their use of metaphors is perfectly emo and smartly tormented. Lines like “I’m just jealous because I tried mapping out your mind’s inconsistent ways” and the chorus, “I called in sick from your funeral” have a ringing power to them and once I understood some of the things I was listening to, I appreciated Home, Like Noplace Is There as I should have initially.


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