20. Cymbals Eat Guitars – Lose


Cymbals Eat Guitars- Lose

Cymbals Eat Guitars have come so far since I first started listening to them in 2011. A band that used to depend more on a noisy, chaotic sound has now reach the point of an almost pop/rock feel, but obviously not to that kind of extent, because otherwise they wouldn’t be Cymbals Eat Guitars anymore. Their sound is more focused and sharpened and the way they can slow down and pick up the pace and feel song to song on this album is truly a way they have grown that I never really anticipated. Emotionally, this album seems to have a bit more going for it and the whole premise around the album that Joseph D’Agostino had just lost his best friend is very apparent. The lyrics hit harder than before and the emotion even in his screams is a bit more palpable. So together with the growth of the band and the more intense lyrical content has turned Cymbals Eat Guitars into a formidable band that can now be thrown about in conversations of one of the better “indie” rock groups of today’s music scene.


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