19. Lil B- Hoop Life


Lil B- Hoop Life

What has been said and felt about the music Lil B has released could fit a novel and to find a more polarizing figure in music would be nearly impossible. I shamelessly fall into the category of adoration and reverence for the Based God and his first concept album truly tugged at my heart strings, made me think about life and above all was one of my favorite releases from this year. There is no use arguing the genius of Brandon McCarthy with me, I became a true believer the day I saw him live a year and a half ago. His message is undeniably bold and amazing and his music is life changing. Hoop Life just pushes his message into the realm of sports and with a sport I identify with extremely easily, which is basketball. He talks about goals and hope and playing your heart out and for his first concept album it is a different step for him, but none the less a reasonable one. With his encouragement I found myself more obsessed with playing basketball than I was ever before and I just identified with everything about Hoop Life better than before. So without a doubt this has to be my favorite Lil B release and without it, I would not be the person or basketball player I am today.


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