18. King Tuff – Black Moon Spell



King Tuff- Black Moon Spell

King Tuff aka Kyle Thomas really just throws it back with his garage/ grunge/ rock guitar tracks. They have the right amount of bite and flare and are extremely reminiscent of older times. That’s not to say he doesn’t put his own, modern flare onto each song with the heightened production and what not, but he truly seems to be channeling Ty Segal and others of that vein of music. Each song is quick, loud and aggressive and the guitar sound is full of static and reverb. Sometimes it is nice to throw it back a little and as much as uniqueness and new sounds are important to me as a music fan, I enjoy the way that King Tuff can still make me want to tap my foot and mosh around even in 2014 when garage rock seems to have lost a bit of its pizazz. Rock n roll will never die as long as people like Kyle Thomas remain vigilant with their music and I will forever have a soft spot for any band willing to remember their roots while still trying to remember to at least throw a bit of a new twist on the music.


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