17. How To Dress Well- What Is This Heart


How To Dress Well- What Is This Heart

Tom Krell really is perfecting the art of emotional, autotuned R&B. This is his third album and each has just built on top of itself with the complexity and density of his music increases. At the same time Krell has been making his music, the Weeknd added a sexuality to the genre they both have made strides for and really kind of extenuated the lyrics he was choosing to use, but Krell is finally putting the finishing touches on a genre that really is just all about a smoothness and ability to gently weave electronic R&B rhythms together into a relaxing yet stimulating kind of music. There are two ways to really go with music like this, the way the Weeknd went, which got to the point of vulgarity that was almost too much to handle or the way that How To Dress Well has gone, which is an intricate and complex creation of simple R&B patterns combined with his electronic background. His music is sultry but also the kind of music that can be played on a Sunday morning and that ability to merge different ideas in music is what I truly love about How To Dress Well and his latest album.


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