16. Young Fathers- Dead




Young Fathers- Dead

I have talked a lot about pioneers of music and people that are pushing genre boundaries, but I really should have reserved all of those comments for Young Fathers. They can be called a rap trio yet the group themselves refuses to be pigeon holed into a genre. They have electronic influences, R&B influences and use all manner of different pop techniques in between. My favorite part about their music is not only how unique it is and how every time I listen to Dead I appreciate something new, but rather their innate ability to remain poised and focused throughout all of their music. They just seem so wise with everything they say and the way they are able to combine their groundbreaking music and their lyrics. It’s hard to really put into words why all that is and maybe it is the groups Scottish accents that make them seem so different, but something about them just makes me have hope for the genre of rap, even if that’s not what they want to be known as. Their use of rhymes and rhythm thrust them into the conversation whether they like it or not and maybe one day mainstream rap will realize what is going on in Scotland with these guys.


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