15. Ratking- So It Goes


Ratking- So It Goes

I enjoyed the trap influenced but very electronic and rouge feel to the beats that Ratking employed all over this album. Probably one of the brightest rap debuts this year, Ratking mix their politics with a very advanced sound to create a rap album that pushes boundaries both sonically and socially. On top of the beats that sound like Panda Bear personally wrote them, the fact that they are from New York and commenting on the police brutality even before Eric Garner’s murder really put them into a position to be able to make a statement on what is going on in not only New York but America in general. To be able to do that while also making music that is stretching the genre of rap even more is truly a success and all hype that this album and Ratking themselves is rightly deserved. I myself took a little bit to hop on the bandwagon but once I did, there was no turning back and I could not have been more impressed with So It Goes. Rap needs more groups and albums like this one and what they are doing will be recognized by the mainstream community soon hopeful.


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