11. Mick Jenkins- The Water[s]


Mick Jenkins- The Water[s]

There was just something about Mick Jenkins that just drew me in a lot better than most rap albums this year. His voice is very enticing and interesting, his theme of “drinking more water” is a cool idea and above all, his flow is as smooth as water and the package he presented just did it for me. It is a relaxed kind of rap that can bounce and back and forth between some pretty serious trap influenced beats and gentle, liquid sounding beats. His voice is what keeps it all together though and he can weave his way in between rhythms with both his flow and rhymes. It helps he keeps the audio sounds of water ever present and the onomatopoeia of the water droplets and the liquid sounds is a cool added bonus. I really just like any attempt in rap to actually try and separate themselves from the rest of the pack, whether it be from just being a wacky guy or creating a neat theme to go with whatever skill that accompanies be it a good flow or rhyming ability. Sometimes its good to just throw on some rap that has chill vibes and for me this year that was Mick Jenkins and The Water[s].


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