10. Ought – More Than Any Other Day

MFC14 0411 ought037A.JPG


Ought- More Than Any Other Day

I was pretty questionable about how I really felt about this album for most of the year. I initially thought that I loved it and my first listen propelled it into my top albums of the year. When I returned to it though I seemed to have forgotten everything that I had originally thought and I felt unimpressed. That was until I watched their Pitchfork Paris performance and the quirky energy of the band, and the true punk roots that they built their music on shone through. It is a quirky kind of punk and there are parts that really show the band embodies the new “post punk” feel but really, it is just a strange kind of energy that they put forth that really got me and was hard for me to ascertain without watching their live performance. My favorite part about the group and More Than Any Other Day though has to be Tim Beeler and his un-amused facial expressions, vocal attributes and just over all demeanor. He is a peculiar guy and it fits with the kind of music they are making. It is a fresh look on punk and post punk and Ought are one of the freshest new faces in an ever expanding indie rock scene.


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