1. Joyce Manor- Never Hungover Again


Joyce Manor- Never Hungover Again

Here we are. Joyce Manor as my album of the year. I really did not see this one coming when this album was first released. I listened to it a lot. I mean, like 8 or 9 times within the first week. I figured why not, it was less than 20 minutes long and in the time it could take me to listen to it back to back to back I really would have only spent an hour of my life doing so. So I immersed myself in Joyce Manor for about a week, memorizing each transition between songs and practicing my guttural impression of Barry Johnson’s screams. And slowly but surely it started to grow on me. Initially I liked it. There is not a lot there that I wouldn’t like, it is fast paced, punk music with angsty lyrics. The more I listened though, the more I realized that it was much more than that. It was 20 minutes of the most emotional, fast paced music I had really heard in a long time. “Constant Headache” is what started my love of Joyce Manor, which may be one of my favorite songs of all time, but as I listened to Never Hungover Again more and more I realized Joyce Manor is much more than that one song, they are truly a band that makes some of the best pop punk emo music out there. Really, there is no need to have longer songs in this genre, there is no need to have more complicate lyrics or riffs, this breaks down a genre to its bare bones and I realized that’s all I really need. The emotion is not lacking, just the fluff and flare that surrounds most other musical releases and it was with Joyce Manor that the bare basics are truly all I need.


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