HM: Wau y los Arrrghs- Todo Roto


Spanish punk just sounds like it’s going to be good. Quick, harsh music combined with a language known for its flowing ability that makes the music seem even faster, Wau Y Los Arrrghs capture punk to the letter. They make it ten times better though because their natural language allows an even greater attention to speed. This was an album I reviewed for WUOG, the radio station at UGA, and I immediately fell in love with the blistering pace that the garage punk guitars took and the kind of rough, coarse way the lead singer would fly through his lyrics. There is a very surfer/garage rock feel as well, because instead of normal punk with distorted guitars and pounding bass, there is a good amount of high pitched keyboard melody and the guitars have very little distortion. The voice though, is what made this album stand out to me. Part nasally, part abrasive and very thick, it can kind of grate on the ears but because his chosen genre is punk, it fits perfectly.

This was not a spectacular album sonically in any way, but it was a fun, swift listen that was made unique simply because I normally listen to music in English and this album was sang 100% in Spanish. The novelty of the whole idea really caught my attention and I felt a lot more cultured after I  gave Todo Roto a listen.

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