HM: Snoop Lion- Reincarnated


This was easily the most ambitious and one of the most based releases of the year. A mixture of hip-hop and reggae with even some rare trap beats thrown in and on the rarest occasion some EDM, the artist formally known as Snoop Dogg (who has since returned to that name but I would rather just refer to him by his based name) has transformed himself into a new person and musician all with a religious experience. He has gone from the gangster rapper to a man of the Rastafarian religion and his message has taken a complete 180. It is incredibly tremendous what he has taken to promoting and I fell in love with the album the minute I saw a track on the album called “No Guns Allowed” that had a nice little Drake feature to boot. Seeing someone who had been so heavily involved in the violent culture of hip-hop transform not only his message but also his musical style and name and basically his whole image in the name of religion was so inspirational.

Snoop Lion talks about the unnecessary deaths in rap and a culture that needs a revamping in a major way, all from a pretty vaulted spot, seeing as he used to be Snoop Doggy Dog. Even the music, is enjoyable to listen to. It is not straight reggae nor is it straight rap but a wonderful mixture of both representing his joint place in both worlds. Seeing someone like Snoop Lion release an album like this just gives me hope for the world and the positive messages and relaxed, pleasurable music just add to the experience, which is Reincarnated. If more artists followed suit, maybe the world would start to seem like a little safer of a place.

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