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Athens, Georgia is a meca for music, with Neutral Milk Hotel, R.E.M. and Of Montreal all hailing from the little college town. The scene itself is extensive with large touring acts coming at least once or twice a week. And where there is a good music scene, there normally follows a nice local scene and boy, does Athens have some local talent. I was never disappointed in any band that was from Athens in my time there and more than once I went to shows that only featured bands from the city. Genres ranged from punk, to indie, to electro pop. Well, there was only one electro pop group and they ended up being my favorite group I saw all semester. It may have been because they were the first band I saw in Athens, it may have been because they are ripping some sound off that I just have never heard before or it may be because they are actually that good. Regardless, Programs was my favorite find during my time at UGA and when they make it big, I can not wait to say I was there from the start.

The group consisted of two members, a keytar player and a guitarist and a drum machine right in the middle of the two. Musically they sounded like a combination of disco, pop and electro funk that made dancing contagious and their motto of “everyone shake their ass,” something they chanted most of the night, never felt so appropriate. They just had this spunk about them, this attitude that was like they gave no fucks if people didn’t groove or judged them, they were out there to have a good time and maybe, just maybe people would join in with them too. I will watch their band camp, even from New Mexico, so when they get signed, (I know they will, I just know it) I can be the first person to order their album.

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