8. Danny Brown- Old


Sometimes I forget how old Danny Brown really is. Not that 32 is really all that old, but in today’s rap game which is so full of rappers under 25, Danny Brown seems like the grandpa to all these young whippersnappers. And it shows. His experiences and knowledge are exorbitantly vaster than most rappers and when he says ridiculous things, its not exaggeration, he actually lived through selling crack and seeing friends gunned down. So when his sometimes joking music talks about such serious stuff, it gets lost in the dick sucking jokes and silly voice Brown employees.

And he finally got tired of that stigma I think, because the first half of his album is much, much more serious than XXX. He warned his fans the dick sucking jokes would be gone for this album, but after the fairly heavy first half of the album, I think people didn’t really realize how serious he was being about that statement. “Lonely” is my favorite song on the album and its nothing like XXX, in fact its almost fucking sad. Danny Brown really opened himself up and even though most of his fan base was used to his hilarity, he threw down one of the realest albums of the year, not giving two fucks what anybody thought.

Being a diplomat though, the second half of Old was a turn up, party anthem bunch of songs with dubstep beats, trap drums and a lot more of Danny Brown’s lighter side. He’s back talking about eating pussy but the memory of the deeper and more meaningful first half of the album helps balance the album really well. Not to mention he had some of the most forward thinking production of the year, featuring Purity Ring on “25 Bucks” and a variety of other techniques not normally seen in hip hop, from his dubstep like beats to his electronica beats that seem more at home on an EDM record than a rap. Its more that Danny Brown is able to combine normal trap beats with such a synthy, new age beat style that feels so unique when Danny Brown’s high pitched, playful voice dances over them.

His skill as a rapper is able to shine through so much better when going over unorthodox beats and his flow and cadence seem to be able to fit anywhere the more bizarre the beats got. Danny Brown is one of the brightest spots in rap and Old just pushed as many boundaries as it could all while also keeping a very hip hop and rap feel to it so as to keep most rap fans expecting that kind of thing.

Danny Brown is everything right in rap. He has such a playful, enjoyable attitude, never being confrontational or aggressive, he simply raps about what he knows. He has seen some shit and he is proud to talk about it. Danny Brown may be one of the most unique rappers in the game right now with his crazy voice, crazier persona and his admirable attitude on life to just not stress too much about anything. He gets weird sometimes and he goes too far at times as well, but he never stops being himself and that alone is worth listening to again and again.


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