50. Ka- The Nights Gambit


Emulating both the RZA and MF Doom at the same time is something I thought impossible, but here is Ka, voice like a perfect middle ground of the two, releasing a record that could have fit into either or both of the legendary rapper’s discography’s. Night Gambit may be the most underrated rap album of the year. In a year where there were some of the most hyped releases in a long while (see Yeezus, Old, Doris) The Nights Gambit came really out of nowhere and never got the coverage it deserved. It is an old school hip- hop album in a totally new landscape for rap and that may be why it doesn’t stand out the way it should. The 90’s were the “golden age” for rap but there are still albums being released that imitate the style and still add something new. The Nights Gambit is one of those albums.

Beat wise; there are minimalist tracks, like one guitar riff just looped over and over or a simple drum pattern that is repeated throughout the song. The production is tight but not grandiose and allows Ka’s deep, consuming voice to take the forefront of the album. He discusses a variety of things and keeps the themes just like they would be if this was from the 90’s; a lot of pain and suffering. Ka is 41 and raps on the side, so being able to create an album like this, in his spare time, with such maturity, really is incredible.

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