49. Stone Titan- Scratch N’ Sniff


I have always been bad about the differentiation between kinds of metal. Like doom to black metal or sludge to heavy metal; they have always been something I have never quite grasped. Then I heard Scratch N’ Sniff, and finally, the term sludge metal meant something more than a word.

The overall sound Stone Titan achieves is nothing else but gross, ugly and above all sludgy. The guitars are chaotically severe and the bass is intense and weighs upon my eardrums, creating the feeling of molasses being poured steadily over my soul. Vocally, what is being sung, or more rather vomited into the speakers is so undistinguishable and harsh that it sometimes doesn’t even sound like a human sound. And of course, the percussion and drums are extreme, with constant pounding necessary to counteract the rest of what is going on sonically.

The whole album is just a destructive mass of sounds, held together by the pure burden of all of these things mashed together. I fell in love immediately with the saturated, abrasive nature because it was a. such a sonically interesting album, very different than from what I normally listen to and b. it was the first time I felt a metal genre made sense so I felt like when I told people that this was a sludge metal album, I was actually making sense.

I loved putting this album on and just letting it envelope me in its dark hole of sound and letting that classic metal snarl grow on my face. In three words on Last.fm they are described, as “heavy as fuck” and I could not have said it better myself.

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