47. DJ Rashad- Double Cup


One of the few, if only straight dance musicesqe albums of the year that I found my self going to repeatedly; Double Cup is a new and remarkable look at the dance music scene, focusing mainly on a new brand of what is referred to as “footwork.” Footwork draws on house music but is all about the danceability and how fast one can move their feet to the beat. It is based in Chicago and has been growing steadily, mostly with the help of the guiding hand of DJ Rashad who has created an album and propelled a genre of music all while making some of the funkiest and filthiest beats of the year. House is a very broad and sometimes terrible genre, infiltrated by artists focused on trying to make the most bang for their buck. DJ Rashad could not be further from that problem. His album is infused with hip hop and house influences alike, and the infusion of the two has formed a quick paced dancing music that is one of 2013’s greatest achievements.

The songs are not all instrumental though, and there is a good amount of songs with loops of various voices repeating things like “I don’t give a fuck” and “pass that shit” over and over, with effects added and the pace of the voice being slowed. Looping is another big part of Double Cup but instead of focusing on looping different licks, DJ Rashad loops vocals and the incessant repeating of the sometimes aggressive lyrics is something that made the music more relatable for me. Along with the looping, there is a lot of trap influenced beats that when put together made one of the best dance albums I have ever heard and one of my favorite over all albums of 2013. 


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