45. Tall Black Guy- 8 Miles To Moneart


At times I thought I was listening to a hip-hop remix of a Peanuts Christmas and at others it sounded like a space-age hip-hop album ready for flying cars and super sonic jets to the moon. Over all this is definitely not a normal beat album and explores areas of hip hop drum patterns that have not started being used as much in the main stream as they really should be. Tall Black Guy’s production is similar to Nujabes in the sense that he uses a lot of jazz influences in his beats and also features plenty of talented, no name rappers that are able to give to the beats what they didn’t have on their own.

The other thing this album has that makes it so easy to listen to are the 90’s rap influences. Bass lines like from Common’s Be or any A Tribe Called Quest album are all over this album; smooth, mellow and grooving. Then there is what could be Thundercat like synth sounds that also find their way into the album. Basically, it is a record full of influences from all over the hip-hop, jazz and R&B realms of music and that is what stood out the most to me. 8 Miles To Monenart is easily one of the most complete beat albums in the sense it features so many different ideas so well. This was one of the coolest things Dead End Hip Hop showed me this year and if nothing else represents a new and different opinion on music I discovered over the course of 2013.


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