44. Thundercat- Apocalypse


Being known for playing bass for Flying Lotus is cool enough as it is, but being able to also release not one but two futuristic sounding and critically acclaimed albums is most certainty something to be proud of and Thundercat has a lot to be proud of. His music has grown and flourished since his debut two years ago as he has experimented with some of the coolest, most innovative sounds that can come out of a computer or keyboard or bass for that matter. Musically, Apocalypse sounds like more of a refined and jazzy/ hip hop sounding Yes and the relatable elements between the two are definitely there. Of course Thundercat also does some new things, like using trap like beats, beeping robot like explosions, sizzling automated pops and everything in between. That’s on only about half the album, then there are tracks like “Oh Sheit Its X” which combine funk and disco with just the right touch of synth that could be used in a futuristic club. Of course the bass playing is otherworldly and highlights the album in most songs on the album, reminding listeners how beautiful the bass really can be.

It’s such a fun, delightful album with sounds that are not heard often and are more than enjoyable to play again and again. What has changed between the two albums has been the increase in vocals, which are a great addition to the music Thundercat is already making. He has a syrupy, high-pitched voice that is almost silky smooth with the way it dances on top of the revolutionary keyboard sounds. The adding of vocals has made Thundercat’s music more personable and easier to learn simply because now there are lyrics to learn and sing along with for each listen.



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