43. Varth Dader- Tice Nitties


This is the first rap project I think I have ever heard that makes a real effort to show off multiple styles of rapping as part of the gimmick for the group. There are three styles that are highlighted on Tice Nitties; a fast, slick flow that could honestly be from a young Twista, a deeper, darker voice that goes over mostly trap beats and then like any good trio there is a good middle ground, a regular paced voice that kind of brings the group together. The faster voice has a high pitch to it that makes it kind of seem like a jumble of Childish Gambino and a more normal Danny Brown while the dark, deep voice could be Tyler, the Creator’s long lost cousin. Voices are an important part of and rap music and Varth Dader all have voices that stand out.

The beats are fairly varied, from experimental electronic noises, to stereotypical trap beats all thrown together, sometimes mixing and sometimes separated by tracks, but over all the album has music that helps show off each rapping style and that alone makes the beats and raps together have sometime a lot of rap these days does not.

I think it was honestly the name of the group that drew me in so succinctly, and then the attitude the group embodied did the job of making me stay around for the 20-song project. They really have the Odd Future, I don’t give a fuck kind of outlook on life, and combining that with their distinctive beats and voices makes them a rap collective worth checking out.


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