42. Cass McCombs- Big Wheel and Others


Slow folk that borders on country is not something I have really ever delved into before, but Cass McCombs definitely does an amazing job of making the relaxed music an intriguing and enjoyable listen. Most of his songs hover under 80 BPM and he takes his time to get to the end of each song as he methodically strums through the track, adding his sublime voice to the simple chords. He mixes subtle acoustic guitar playing with some electric and slide guitar with very flowy sounding strings that can drag with length and span full minutes of just drifting notes. He also has such a mild and gentle voice that it fits perfectly with the music he is making. The whole album is very peaceful and most songs are at a quiet volume level allowing the music to sooth more than anything. There are of course some songs that are faster or louder, and having such a variety of different types of songs is what makes this album flow so smoothly even with a whopping 22 songs over the entirety of the album.

Cass McCombs himself has been described as “quintessential Americana” and his album is full of songs describing what America used to be with quite a little twist. The album is interspersed with the sounds of a child getting asked questions about anything from weed to the reliability of police and the answers the little kid give are extremely left wingist to say the least. It’s a unique way of showing some political values and having the kid speaking fits with the quiet nature of the album and doesn’t take away from the music at all. This is not a hyped album to be sure but that’s not what it’s trying to be. Going into this album with the expectation of hearing a singer songwriter at his best is the only way to anticipate it.


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