41. Willis Earl Beal- Nobody knows.


Willis Earl Beal just has that classic, fresh blues voice with the way he just attacks each word he sings and pours his soul into everything he says. What’s great about this album is the way he mixes his blues voice with a very indie like mixture of lo-fi, psychedelic and soul music. This is not a blues record in any way, but neither is it a strict psychedelic album. At times it is too weird to be truly called blues but on the other hand it has points which are so plain yet pure that calling it psychedelic is not accurate either. This mixture is what makes me love it so much. I love “Burning Bridges” in such a different way than any other song on the album just because it sounds so unlike any other and I feel different about many of the other songs for the same reason.

Really any time Willis Earl Beal opens his mouth to sing I am probably going to sit down and listen intently. He just commands respect with his booming voice and he proves how he can really sing over any kind of backing track with that voice on this album. When he screams, it is so harsh and the pain is so real that I feel exactly what he is feeling. There are times the music he makes is slow and dragging, but it never sounds bad because Beal always has his voice in play to help him. This album was closest to blues out of everything I heard this year so maybe that’s why I enjoyed it so much, but regardless, Willis Earl Beal is one distinctive guy and his album is worth listening to no matter what your music affiliation is.


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