40. Run The Jewels- Run The Jewels


A lot has been written about probably the highest profile pairing in rap in 2013 but really, it was the most logical step in both El-P and Killer Mike’s careers. After El-P’s extensive help on “R.A.P. Music” finding out the two rappers were going to release an entire album together felt more like a relief than a big announcement. El-P and Killer Mike are two of the hardest working, most jovial characters in the rap game today. It just makes sense they are friends and after watching them on stage together at Pitchfork, I realized what special bond these two men have. When musicians have as much respect and love for each other as El-P and Killer Mike do, then there is bound to be good music as a result of the relationship.

“Run The Jewels” is that product and it really embraces both styles of the rappers. The production of El-P is every where; odd, electronic with some punk inklings hiding in the corners of each beat. Killer Mike still throws down intense raps full of passion and he adapts to any beat that comes his way, just like he does on “R.A.P. Music.” They both have very succinct and mature styles with the way they take turns so fluidly and can change pace so easily.

They also talk about anything from politics to weed, you name it; these two guys probably have an opinion on it. The whole idea behind what “Run The Jewels” means is another aspect to the whole project that brings a little more to the table. Killer Mike and El-P want to try and drag the rap game away from the materialistic dogma that has hounded it for decades now. The gold chain represents fake gold because they don’t need an expensive chain to feel secure or good about themselves. Basically money is not everything to these guys and they want that message spread. Their noble mission, along with their great style of music really hit the rap game hard this year.


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