4. Vampire Weekend- Modern Vampires of the City


Sometimes the radio finally gets it right. Sometimes what becomes popular actually is quality music and really does deserve to be listened to by everyone. In today’s day and age, radio music is looked at a lot with scorn by music critics and reviewers, so when something with actual merit makes it onto the radio, everyone is taken a back. And when even the music reviewers are taken a back by how popular something gets and how good the music the populace is listening to, the album deserves and needs recognition.

This album is just music, like the definition of music. Something joyous to listen to, something happy, something worth spending time to sit back and enjoy. Anybody can enjoy this album with its laid-back indie rock mixed with Paul Simon’s Graceland like music. There is a clean feel to the album that reminds people of home, of younger, simpler days and of what is yet to come in this beautiful thing called life. Vampire Weekend cracked the code of releasing an album that can honestly universally represent an insane amount of people.

Really getting into the meat of this album feels super easy but when sitting down to do it, describing why this album is so good is not something that comes quickly. They employ fairly normal techniques; indie guitar riffs, upbeat melodies, a nice falsetto from Ezra Koeing, the list goes on of how mathematically good the album is. There are intangibles though, that are what makes this album so great. The two previous releases from Vampire Weekend were good classic indie albums but this, this album has a little spice added. The warbling voice on the chorus of “Diane Young,” the added strings on “Don’t Lie”; it just seems like an added care was made to make sure this album was one worth remembering.

This was the most sensible next step for Vampire Weekend and it is an album full of growth for a band that made it big very early. There is a kind of maturity on this album that did not exist on their self-titled release. Vampire Weekend has finally harnessed their power as one of the most pristine indie rock groups in the game right now and without Modern Vampires of the City, their claim to their fame would not be as warranted.


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