5. Chance The Rapper- Acid Rap


For some reason, this year had fewer anthems than 2012 and that might be because I am growing up, or there truly were not as many anthem like albums released in 2013. Regardless, Acid Rap does win the award of representing the summer of 2013 for me and many of my friends as it was played in most social gatherings and in any car trip most of the summer. It happened slowly but happen it did, and by the month of June it was hard to find someone who didn’t enjoy Acid Rap at least once a day.

Chance the Rapper really burst onto the scene this year with his sophomore mix tape Acid Rap with a record full of emotion mixed with a trippy voice and sometimes even trippier beats. Chance has a little something for everyone with his music. The drug induced sounding beats, the sometimes very touching lyrics, and of course the high profile features that give the mixtape a lot of credentials that might not otherwise been available without people like Action Bronsen, Childish Gambino and Ab-Soul all together made this feel like a very, very mature sophomore release.

The album has a real jazzy feel to it too, which is so nice to hear and adds to the chill feeling of the whole album. Chance is perfect for the horns and piano licks that are everywhere on the album because his fairly nasally and high pitched voice contrasts them to the point that they fit together perfectly. The whole feel of the album can get a little spacey at times, channeling the acid theme and keeping every thing very loose.

This was not a turn up album in any way though. It was that album that got thrown on in the hazy heat of a summer day, at a day kegger where everyone is sitting back enjoying summer break, the warmth of the day and the bountiful food that was everywhere. People could sing along but never needed to raise their voices, they just stood there, moving their arms and fists, with a sly grin on, trying to imitate that cheeky attitude Chance embodies so well.

Chance is just the perfect rapper for this generation, equal parts swag, cheeky swagger at that, with an artful attitude and just the right amount of emotion. He isn’t trying to be anything he isn’t and people my age pick up on that really well. Danny Brown is too old, Kanye West is too majestic and Tyler is too crazy for people to truly feel like they are on the same level. But Chance, he just has that outlook on life that makes people want to meet and hang out with this guy because he knows how to live life the right way.

It’s rare that a rap album comes out that isn’t what people bump to turn up or get hyped to. Hearing Chance when people wanted to sit back and enjoy a cold one, or to seduce a girl is just not the normal way rap is enjoyed these days. I think that’s a big reason this album had so much replay value for people, because it was so different than what people normally expected from the genre of rap. Chance the Rapper is the perfect ambassador for the genre to the emotional aspect of life and Acid Rap, for all it is, creates a lot deeper emotion than any other rap album released this year.


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